Partnership & Consultation

Having successfully run pharmacies for over 20 years, we now have a model for pharmacists whether they would like to start up their own pharmacy or open a location in partnership with us. Our model allows hassle free consultation options as well as a turnkey type solution based on individual preferences.

Our Unique Differentiators

  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Network of pharmacist to support you

Why in Partnership and the Value provided by us

  • Negotiate better pricing with pharma companies
  • based on turnover
  • Better management
  • Paperwork and operations excellence

What’s in it for pharmacists

  • Less Hassle setting up the location
  • Flexible schedule / allow for time-offs
  • Flexible percentage offering based on Pharmacist commitment
  • One man show does not allow for quality of life / Time with the family

Our Process

  • We have multiple models available as per ndividual pharmacist needs, contact us to discuss further.

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