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Whether you’re caring for yourself or for a loved one, you always want to make sure you are getting the best advice. Your pharmacists at IDA Pharmacy understand every patient has different needs and that’s why s/he takes a patient centric approach when providing free consultation:

  • Guiding patient’s based on their medicines history.
  • Medicine options based on dietary / religious / allergy restrictions.

Easy Prescription Transfer

Transferring your prescriptions from another pharmacy to any of your IDA Pharmacy locations has never been easier. There are two easy ways to transfer your prescriptions:

  • Transfer your prescriptions from any pharmacy within Canada within minutes either using our Request Form.
  • Fax your prescription Request to one of our pharmacies locations that is most convenient to you.
  • Direct consultation with Physicians’ offices – allowing prescription transfer electronically.

Free Prescription Delivery

At IDA Pharmacy, we are making a real difference in the lives of our clients by delivering your medicine at your doorstep same day in a secure manner. Our free prescription delivery:

  • Is convenient and confidential
  • Is hassle Free
  • Eliminates the need to come to pharmacy
  • Is ideal for elderly patients
  • Is a real time saver
  • Improves quality of life

Onsite Medical Clinic

Your IDA Pharmacies are conveniently located with on-site Medical Clinics offering medical care and pharmacies under the same roof. This not only allows people get medication quickly, but also eliminates another stop at the pharmacy when they are not feeling well. All of your IDA Pharmacy locations have:

  • Walk Ins and Family Physicians on weekdays
  • Most locations have weekend doctors available, please call (locations) to confirm

Weekly Blister Packs

Our weekly Blister packs are very popular among our senior customers. They not only help customers track their medication, but also ensure correct dosage with regular intake. By preparing your Weekly Blister Packs, your IDA Pharmacist facilitates:

  • Medicines in easy and convenient packaging
  • Packaging as per recommended dosages
  • Easy to remember and follow medicines intake
  • Avoiding the risk of overdosing
  • Minimizing the risk of missing a dose

Flu Shots

Influenza is a serious disease, and it can lead to hospitalization and sometimes even death. Every flu season is very different, and it may impact people very differently including the healthy individuals. As the saying goes, “Precaution is better than cure”, an annual flu vaccine is the best way to reduce the risk of catching a seasonal flu and spreading it to others. Your IDA Pharmacies have:

  • Flu shots available on site
  • No appointment are needed
  • Also provides free consultation regarding vaccination

Travel Clinic

Your IDA Pharmacies have specialized Travel Clinics that administer the necessary shots to help you stay healthy when you go on vacation. Connect with your Travel specialists whether you are travelling to Asia, Africa, the Middle East including Saudi Arabia, the Far East, South America, the Caribbean or even when you are going on a cruise.

Services offered by your Travel Clinic include:

  • Vaccination for Umrah and Hajj
  • Vaccination for different countries
  • Vaccination for Cruises

Travel vaccination and consultation requires an appointment.

Important Note - Its Traveler’s responsibility to confirm travel vaccination and visa requirements for
the country they are travelling to. For detailed information, visit Government of Canada Travel website.

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